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We are modern wine merchants with an old-fashioned attitude toward service.  

We start with people, not products.  Think of your Soutirage Wine Advisor as your personal shopper for wine… we know one size doesn’t fit all.  The ideal collection for one particular client — or one particular home — doesn’t necessarily apply to another, and listening is our most important skill.  Each Soutirage Recommendation is tailored — thoughtfully aligned with your palate, requirements and budget.

At Soutirage, selling a bottle is not the end of a transaction; it’s the start of a relationship.

The mutual benefit of a long-term



We listen to understand.  We ask good questions and we communicate our understanding in a transparent way.  Our recommendations are one-off, thoughtful, and always grounded by what we believe is the best choice.  For Primeur clients, and those seeking more structure, we design a Soutirage Wine Plan, tailored to each client’s lifestyle.  Through seamless Cellarbook reporting, our clients can see their Wine Plan become a reality — one bottle at a time.

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Soutirage is a relationship company. Our goal is a continued focus on improving our knowledge, expertise and understanding, so that we can better accommodate and anticipate our clients’ evolving wine lives.

“Hospitality cannot flow from a monologue.”
– Danny Meyer (Setting the Table)